It started as an April Fool’s joke but now ThinkGeek has their "Das Can-In-Stein" available for only $9.99. Just in time to give your canned Oktoberfest brews a more traditional makeover.


Now to find a good canned Märzen to put in there…

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Halve De Maan, a brewery in Bruges, Belgium has received approval from the city to build an underground beer pipeline between their original brewery site to a new bottling plant. The pipeline will move around 6,000 liters of beer per hour, greatly reducing the existing truck traffic from the cobblestone streets of historic Bruges.

It will likely be a while before the beer begins to flow, so start planning your Ocean’s Eleven style pipeline-tapping heist now.



Gain a new appreciation for how your brew gets to you with this step-by-step guide to the most beautiful birthing process on the planet! Other than the birth of your own child, of course (arguably). 

And like all our beer products, it’s 15% off until Friday at noon EST!

These guys and their awesome beer posters.

Hey Chicagoans, want to play some free Whirlyball and enjoy some delicious beer? Zach will be hanging out tonight at this Whirlyball 80’s party with Tallgrass Brewing. The event starts at 7:30 and Whirlyball is first come first serve, so get there as close to then as possible if you want to play.

We’ve never played Whirlyball before but hey its basically bumper cart lacrosse so HOW CAN IT NOT BE FREAKIN’ AWESOME.

Its totally free to attend so RSVP here and hope to see you there!

Starbucks tests a latte that tastes like ... beer →

Huh. Hair of the dog I guess?

Don’t know about you folks but I’m starting to get a little tired of hearing about beer-flavored-but-not-beer things.

The Periodic Table of Beer Styles on Amazon. Designed by Mantis Design. We’ve got a few nice beer posters up at home, but this one is as functional as it is geeky. Not only can one easily see the relationship between different styles of beer but they also have detailed information like range of ABV, IBU, even original gravity and final gravity. A great wall hanging for beer geeks, home-brewers, and newbies alike.




paging laymansbeer (!!)

Excellent idea, flawless execution. Never before have I had a pavlovian response to a series of Pantones. Created by txaber.

Great write up over at Huff Post Taste which gets into the nitty-gritty of why a six-pack of craft beer will set you back $12 or more (darn you Chicago city, Cook county, and IL state liquor taxes).